Snowdrops are some of the earliest blooming flowers, often popping up through the snow, hence their name. How do they do it?
Over 200 years ago, French biologist, Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck, noticed that some flowers produce their own heat. Since then, scientists have confirmed that some plants can, in fact, generate their own heat, a process known as thermogenesis, previously thought to be limited to mammals, birds, and some flying insects. These plants are "warm-blooded".

In different cultures the small and fragile snowdrop flower is a symbol of rebirth and overcoming obstacles in life. It also symbolizes hope and internal power.

My «Snowdrops» consist of 12 ceramic vessels which symbolize 12 months of my self-reflection about new world conditions we all faced last year. I was looking for an answer if there is a place for happiness in this new world of restrictions?

PHOTOS WERE MADE IN march 2021 by katerina semenova in Pushkin (Saint-Petersburg).
All vessels are made by hand without a potter's wheel in order to add imperfection to forms so that they could seem closer to nature. The forms reminds of unblown flower buds. I used different colors for each vessel in order to describe the variety of internal sources people have at all times.
All Vessels may be filled in with water and used for flowers.